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Changing the future of social media by providing fun, educational, informative and uplifting content and by providing a place where we can speak the truth!

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The power of
social media

Social media influences
thought and action

Social media gives you
a voice to be heard

Social media allows communications
among groups of people

Why is OBT
Social Important?

OBT Social is important because there is currently no successful social media platform that is black owned and operated where Africans and those of African descent truly feel comfortable or safe speaking on topics that affect our communities globally. We will be the first. Our goal is to:

  • Educate, uplift and inform African and African descended people throughout the world

  • Provide a platform where all races and ethnicities can learn the truth about African and African descended people

  • We are a platform that treats all people equally unlike some other platforms

  • Demeaning, degrading, hateful, and fake content designed to cause harm is not tolerated

  • OBT Social is apolitical and has no party or candidate afiliation

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100% Black Owned

Started by a 35 year technology veteran

Welcomes All People

No matter who you are, you are welcome to join us

All About Truth

OBT is where you can have truthful and meaningful conversation

Raising the Standard

We encourage factual, uplifting and informative posts


This video provides an explanation that OBT Social is designed to be uplifting, educational and informative.